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I’m back in mission!

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    By Reinald
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    Mon Jul 11 2016

It’s been a while when I attended MTC. It’s been almost 3 months! Time is going so fast and maybe someone still wondering how I am doing. Well.. I don’t know where to start from, but I start with excitement news, that I have been REINSTATED AS A FULL-TIME MISSIONARY!!! That’s such a wonderful missionary. I remembered when I saw most of you at MTC and I didn’t had hope that I can serve my mission again. But it was possible and again, God surprised me! The day when I returned back to home, I started to cry at the airport. It was like good dream which ended too fast. And now I have again chance to serve as full-time missionary, after I been at home couple of months. I started to serve now in Baltic Mission on June 14, because I had to do some medical tests and get some papers done, which I already did on June 24. My doctor said that I am recovered and ready to serve again. So it’s like miracle in my life now! Soon it will be one month since I start on my mission in field. I did not have to go again to MTC, so I’m going straight to Canada on July 19. I want to say many thanks for my friends at MTC who provided me a support. I’m thinking all of you and I’m very curious to know about your experiences in field, also I’m curious to know about everyone! Now is the hard part, because I have already so many news so far and I don’t know, where to start. 😀 Throught experiences and hardships we have, we can become more to understand, how much our Heavenly Father loves us. From this example, you can see that miracles can happen through challenges in our life, such a thing we don’t understand sometimes or they seems unfair for us. First day in my mission field I arrived by bus from Tallinn to Riga. I met my mission president second day and he set me apart. I already knew my Baltic mission president earlier, because we met each other several times in Tallinn. They are so cool and I love them! My mission president currently in Baltic mission is president Harding and president Miles is my mission president in Canada Calgary mission. I remember the first day, when president Harding set me apart. His wife, sister Harding encouraged me to be strong, by giving me example from president Gordon B. Hinckley mission: “When he was young boy, he served his mission in England. He got offended by many people and he felt that he needs to write his father and ask him to stop wasting money by supporting his mission. His father responded to him and said, that he should forget his own concerns and be more focused for others. After he did what his father commended him to do, he was able to be successful missionary and accomplish his mission”. This great example shows us, that trials are not because we are weak. We need to set example in our life as person who we want to be, not concern who we actually are now. Our weaknesses can be strengthen through trials. We see that through his challenges he had called by God to be a prophet of church of Jesus Christ! No matter who you are – always remember that God called throught prophets you to be a missionary and he knows that you can succeed in this calling, if you put all your efforts on this work. In Baltic mission I learn so far how to speak Russian, because this is my temporary mission language, while I’m serving here. I speak in Russia and I feel that I become better with that language every day. Before my mission I already knew some Russian so it wasn’t that hard to start with this language, but sometimes I still have trouble to communicate with people in the street and public transportation. Even if its hard, I always trust Lord and I feel that every time I put all my hope and trust to Lord and work hard, I become better. I think my strength is so far that I’m able to open my mouth without any fear and speak free with everyone. I learned in my mission that if I’m not starting to try (even that I’m not perfect and comfort with my language skill), I can’t get better. I served about three weeks with threesome (with three missionaries, including me). We had so good companionship relation. A week ago we become as regular companions, so now we working together as two missionaries. My past and current companion are both from USA and they are very cool! One name is elder Castello and other one (past companion) name is elder Jacob.