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My Last Week in Baltic Mission

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    By Reinald
  • Post Date
    Mon Jul 18 2016

Another great week has been ended. This week we had transfer- it was my
first transfer. One month is past since I started my mission in Riga. I’m
still there and prepare to move to my mission to Canada Calgary already
My flight departs at 6:30am. So I need get up early to get prepared to
leave and say goodbye to my current mission president and other friends.
Actually I say goodbye to my friends and to mission companions on Monday,
because I stay my last night before I leave, in mission home, where
president and his wife lives.
So I had nice packing time yesterday and today we have preparation day.
Last Sunday we had a lesson for primary. We taught children’s how to be a
quiet and reverent in the sacrament meeting. I learned from this lesson,
how difficult is to teach children’s, but how much it gives a joy and
happiness, because children’s are our blessing! When my friend wrote that
he had calling from church to be a primary teacher and he shared his
experience to teach children’s, I had fun for him. Now I became to
understand his experience much more and I became understand, that this work
requires us to be very patient and observant. Each child need attention.
I think that our lesson went good and our primary teacher was very

Last week was my last one in Baltic mission. It went quickly, even if I
wait my Canada Calgary mission so much. Tuesday we got our new companion
from Belarus. So now we are again serving with threesome until I leave to
Canada. He is very cool and his name is elder Smirnov. Wednesday we went to
Botanical garden for service. We did not do the digging, as we did last
week, but we helped to take away grass. Finally we shared a gospel with
Eric’s, who is our work coordinator for volunteers. He does not speak very
much English or Russian, so we are considering to give him soon to Latvian
speaking missionaries. But after couple of months we had chance this week
share the gospel, because we did not had this chance past months. Later we
went to proselyting. We had luck with some people, but also we had lot of
the times bad luck finding to someone who wants to hear more about our
message what we share with people.
By the way – week was so cool. I shared this sunday at church a goodbye
testimony in Russian. I did it very well! This mission gave me a good
experience and I met many good people around me! This mission helped me to
understand, how I can be better and improve myself. I enjoyed very much our
companionship as missionaries. We had many good chances to serve others, to
preach the gospel in public transportation and in the streets. I enjoyed to
learn more Russian language and get to know people and their culture
better. I always remember, how cool district we had! Maybe someday I come
back to Riga as full-time missionary and remember those great moments
again. Estonia isn’t that far away!

Now is time to get ready to leave and start with saving souls in Canada!