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I arrived to Canada! My first week in Canada Calgary mission

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    By Reinald
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    Mon Jul 25 2016

My new week 7 has been started! Monday I packed all my suitcases to get
ready for Canada. As I mentioned maybe in my previous letters, then Riga
have now new church building which have three floors and its huge! I’m very
curious to see inside the building and the opening ceremony, but because
I’m no longer in Riga, I can’t see it. The opening ceremony was scheduled
this Saturday and BYU jazzband “Synthesis” gave a concert there.
So all this past week the old branch rooms from office building moved onto
the new building.
Tuesday morning I woke up early. It was 3.45 am in Eastern Europe time. We
drove to airport where I shake the hand of my mission president and his
wife. I love them so much! I said goodbye to my Baltic mission mission
president and his wife and flew to Canada.
My flight departed at 6:30 from airport and I went through Frankfurt and
London Heathrow. From London Heathrow I flew straight to Calgary. It took
very long time to get there and when I arrived, I felt myself very tired
because I didn’t slept very well in airplane.
The first people I met at airport, was senior couple. They were so excited
about my arriving. They get me to mission home, where was other 18 new and
sisters already waiting for me. They have been introduced about Canada
Calgary mission, so I got a half of meeting. After that we went with all
our new missionaries to have dinner with president and his wife. We get
along with other new missionaries and President with his wife took a
picture with us. It was a festive moment, even if I had problems to keep my
eyes open because of jetlag I had.
After dinner we had some more introduction about Canada Calgary mission. At
the end of the evening we fall asleep and woke up early next morning. I was
the one who fall sleep earlier then others. This was my dream since I
arrived to mission home! Next morning I felt much better.
In the morning I did some paperwork’s, ate a breakfast and dressed up. We
got to go to the new missionaries meeting at 9:00am in the chapel near by.
This was the big moment, because we got our new trainers and assigned
areas! President and Sister Miles welcomed us and gave us a welcome video.
It was the time to say goodbye for all our new missionaries, because we got
to split each to new areas with our new trainer companions. My assigned
area is Airdrie Luxtone and Sierra Springs in Calgary North zone. And my
new companion is Elder Dolinar from USA, Utah state, who is going to be my
trainer for the remaining 5 weeks of training.

Members are here super friendly and kind. They feed us almost every day.
Even in the streets they gave us a horn and wipes a hand, when they see us
(example biking around). We are using one week a bike and every other week
a car.
In first day we been together with elder Austin, who transferred next to
another place. So we visited some members to say goodbye for Austin. One of
them appeared later on the night in our door and bring a cake to us to say
goodbye. It was very surprising me! Members are here like in kingdom of
I like Canada Calgary mission very much so far! My district is just super
cool! The one missionary from our zone is from Taiwan and he is serving in
here Canada Calgary already 8 months. Also we have missionary who is
waiting his visa to serve Atlanta Georgia mission. And one member from our
ward is going to serve soon London England mission. I talked with him this
Sunday and I’m so excited about him! Just like I was when I opened my
mission call. A great memories came to my mind!
Sunday was a great day, because I get to know more about our members and
they get to know me! I shared with them a small spiritual thought and
testimony. Everyone had hard time to pronouncing my name. Hopefully they
get to in used with that soon. 😀 We had a ward council meeting in the
morning and I discussed, how I can work better with ward council. Because
our area covering two wards – Luxstones and Sierra Springs, we are staying
in church for two sacrament meetings and two Sunday schools + priesthood
meetings. So it’s 7 hours for church every Sunday. Also very interesting
fact is for me, is that we are the only missionaries in our church building
who people can see in Sunday. Other missionaries are going to other

Every Friday we have chance to serve a old people in nursing home. We are
feeding them, talking with them and helping them to move. This week we had
some service. We helped one family to move. In Baltic Mission we helped
people with various things, such as cleaning, working in botanical garden
and so on, then here is the main thing we are helping people with, is

And finally, I’m writing you about our Standards Of Excellence. This is the
plan from our mission president, what we are following in our mission, to
be a successful missionaries. They include a five points: 1) Christlike
attributes – each transfer I’m working one attribute to become like Christ.
2) Obedience: I strive to become Exactly Obedient. 3) Personal and
companion study: I’m foccusin on my investigators and less active members
as I study, I have role play daily so I can improve my teaching skills. 4)
Effective weekly planning: we are setting prayfully goals on each week, by
following PMG pages 147-150. 5) Member missionary work: I strive to
developed relationships with my bishop, ward council, and members, thereby
gaining their trust so they will refer friends and family to the
missionaries. I strive to have 100% member present lessons. I strive to
have 100% sacrament meeting attendance for my investigators and less

On every day I’m reading PMG for at least 30 minutes during my personal
study and 30 minutes we are discussing about during our companionship study.
Our Canada Calgary mission moto is THRUST in your SICKLE. Faith is the
power, love is the motivator, the spirit is the key, hard work is the
answer, Jesus Christ is the reason, obedience is the price.