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Week 8: Goodbye July, hello AUGUST!!

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    By Reinald
  • Post Date
    Wed Aug 03 2016

This week wasn’t that busy, because of my email issue. The problems disturbed me little bit to be a focusing on my work, because I had to work with them entire week. I wasn’t quite sure that the problem will be solved by this week, so it was kind of stressful experience. Now this was challenge for me with patience and faith. I felt that I should strengthen myself even more with that challenge to become understand what means to leave everything behind for 2-years and be focussed only for Lord and his work. I do this because I love my Saviour who gave his life because of us, suffered with agony. The Lord promises that he will take care of my family and others as long as I’m obedient. He is not only takes care but his also bless them. And these are his promises, because He is not lying. He is the same today, tomorrow and in eternal. Now, how marvelous is the promise he hath give to us? I’ll tell you, I even trust my life to His hand, how much less I should trust to His hand for those who I care, who is never give away us, who is our Heavenly Father and Jesus The Christ, who is one God? Brothers and sisters, I trust Him. He is the one who bless our branch and takes care of that, so don’t be sad because I’m in Canada. I know that you are in safe and secure, if you continually developing and strengthening your faith. I will pray for you every night! You have honorable duty to bring your brothers and sisters unto Him, who is the Holy Israel. Let them feel the same joy, what you already experiencing, by having faith in Christ. I feel this especially with Helger, who is my brethren in Estonia, who get baptized lately. How big is my joy, as all of you! In Friday we went to Bathalone, which is the nurse caring center for old people in Airdrie city. As I mentioned in my last letter, we are going there on every Friday to participate in service. Last week I met there one lady, who name is Emily. She is pretty old lady. When I talked with her last time, she wasn’t quite open with me. She didn’t seemed to be very friendly as well, however I tried contact with her, despite the challenge. I wanted to get to know her very well, even without knowing the main reason. I offered her help before we left but she discarded it. After a week I met her again and she smiled at me, by saying hi! This time I remembered already her name, so I called her by her name this time. I learned her love even more! I felt that this love came very naturally, without any regards. It was something very special. I don’t know how to describe it, but I was thinking later about the reason, how Christ loved everyone and I become understand the love for Emily – it was pure love what Christ offered for us. The most pure, which I ever experienced in my heart. And this time I asked from Emily as well, who looked at me: “Emily, is there anything I can do for you?” And this time she answered “Yes”. So I helped her get in her room and she smiled at me again and said gently ” Thanks”. I felt that with pure natural love and care I gain her trust. That was so powerful experence for me! In Friday we had sports night. We played a basketball with YSA nonmembers and members and Saturday we helped members to build the roof. I felt so much joy with serving them, which was again very special experience for me. In Sunday we were in church 7 hours, which was 3 hours at Sierra Springs wards, 1 hours lunch break and rest of the 3 hours with Luxtone ward. That’s how it will be in every Sunday at in our area. So lot of church experience’s in Sundays! This Sunday we discussed a lot about Saviour earth ministry, which helped me remain all the good things what I have made done by this past week. For my surprises I got Sunday morning a estonian text message from sister Simmermon, who served a couple of years ago in Estonia! He is now a member in Calgary Arbour Lake Ward. I will meet in this coming Tuesday with member dinner another missionary who served in Estonia so it will be exciting to me! I will write more about in my next week letter. Its just so cool that piece of my native land is in this wonderful Calgary mission! Monday we had a fun activity with our member house. We challenged eating a donuts, so each new missionary introduced themselves and then we count how many donuts each can eat within two minutes. Unfortunately I did not participate in this competition but it was fun to see it anyways! At the end of the dinner, we shared a spiritual thought about power of priesthood. So that’s how the last week of month went!