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My week 9 in Canada Calgary mission

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    By Reinald
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    Mon Aug 08 2016

The first week of August was more dedicated to find new people. Tuesday we had zone conference, where we discussed about our plans and how we can accomplish them. Wednesday I had chance to write you because Monday and Tuesday I did not had it. Because of that the week was shortener by the days, but not by the adventures. As I mentioned last week, we had a dinner appointment with Forsythe family, where there was also one Elder who served his mission in Estonia. His first name is Cryspy and he served in Estonia a couple of years ago and accomplished his mission before I become an active member. Therefore I do not remember him, but those who are active members a long time, they should remember. However he sends a greetings to Tallinn and Tartu because this is where he served his Baltic Mission. It was so interested to meet somebody who served in Estonia. How interested was this moment to meet somebody who served in Estonia, knows Estonian and lives only 10 minutes away by car ride. And so we talked about our adventures in my native language. He speaks Estonian so good, even if he served his mission many years ago. It was very special time for me to talk in my native language. It felt very different, because I did not getting in used to talk Estonian for while, since I baptized my friend over two months ago. So later in the evening we talked in Estonian and in English, that his family understands what we are talking. After Dinner with Forsythe family we started our fasting. Our mission president set us a goals for this transfer we need to accomplish so we fast about our goals. Fasting was really hard but we survived. Thursday we had appointment with Keith who is one of our investigators. It went very well I think. We taught him and his wife importance attend sacrament meeting and reading the Book of Mormon. They accepted our invitations to read Book of Mormon, ponder about and attend church. Crystal, who is his wife, is a recent convert and she got baptized for while ago. They are less-actives but this Sunday they even came to church so this was a miracle! We are going to teach them next time a Word of Wisdom. Also we have other investigator, who is Cassi. She lives with her husband who is less-active member as well. We are currently teaching them both and looking forward to baptize Cassi. In Friday we went again to Bathalone, where we met a lot of seniors, including Emily, about who I wrote in my previous letter. She was happy about our visit. Also we had later in the evening a sports night and Saturday we did a zone finding. We exchanged temporarily our companions and went to knocking in the doors, house by house, finding a new potentials for a sisters missionaries. I went to knocking with Elder Stringham and found a one potential, who we gave to sisters. So it was successful, in fact that lot of families wasn’t at home in this morning. In our zone, we had about 20 missionaries and every mission companion had exchange and we went to a different ways to find people. It was fun! After zone finding we had lunch with our district. In afternoon weather went bad so it started to rain and we had only bikes this week. To Saturday night weather broadcast prognosed a tornado over to Calgary, but instead of tornado it was just a strong thunderstorm which didn’t let me sleep very well. So I fall to sleep after midnight. Sunday was special day as usually. This Sunday was a fast Sunday, as every first Sunday in month. So we fast again for our personal things. I had a chance to share my personal testimony two times – in Sierra Springs sacrament meeting and Luxtone sacrament meeting. I got to pass the sacrament as well in Sierra Springs Ward and bless the sacrament water in Luxtone Ward. It was for me the first time to bless the Sacrament in English, but I did it and it was successful. I shared in my testimony that as much I felt a joy to see a one elder from Estonia, as much Joy we feel one day when we all come gathering together in Heaven and see our friends and family. D&C 14:7 “And, if you keep my commandments and endure to the end you shall have eternal life, which gift is the greatest of all the gifts of God.” I think that our greatest gift is to have eternal life with our friends and families, if we keep commandments and enduring to the end. After Sierra Springs sacrament meeting I met a one old lady who said that her daughter was the one of the very first sister missionaries who served in Estonia over 25-years ago. So this was like wow, it surprised me how many relatives we have between Calgary and Estonia. So I feel a strong piece of my native land! That was cool. Overall it was good and spiritual week. This week we have a mini zone conference and a Bathalone carnival. Sounds like interesting week is coming up! See ya next week in the letters!