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Week 10 in Canada Calgary Mission

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    By Reinald
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    Mon Aug 22 2016

The week has gone fast. At the beginning of the week we received one media referral from website. Also we got recently another referral from that site, who we met in Wednesday. The last two weeks in mission field has been gone pretty well. We have more work to do and time is not going so slow anymore, as it happened the first weeks when I got to here. Even then the situation wasn’t that bad, but just we had less appointments with investigators and potentials. We did more service then. So the past weeks has more activities to planned. The sickle is ready to harvest and work has already started! And that’s not all! Additionally for the referrals we got recently, we had a lot of chances to teach a several lessons for less-actives and recent converts. And we touched a several hearts with good seed of God. I start first with Monday. We had Monday a zone preparation day, so we played all together scatterball and volleyball. It was last p-day for one sister from our zone. Everyone got to say her something, so I. Also it was one of the elders birthday! We sang a birthday song for him. Afterwards we went with my companion to a dinner appointment in La Ceminant’s house. One of their son’s are serving his mission in Africa Kenya mission. They showed me a photos of their son’s mission and some photos was awful to me but also pretty natural for Africans life quality. 😀 They told me the stories about how poorly people are living in the place where their son is serving. They don’t even have washing machine there and the haircut costs only about 40 cents or so. By seeing photos and listening a stories, I was happy that I have been called to serve in Canada. In the evening happened a miracle. After we had dinner appointment with Le Cheminant family, the time was 8 o’clock when we arrived back to home. We didn’t know what to do with rest of the hour from 8 to 9pm. We had three options: 1) to go knock in the doors for tracking 2) to do necessary phonecalls, which we didn’t had very many; or 3) finish our study’s. We decided to ask from Lord, what we shall do, as getting inspired from last zone conference. So we asked from Lord, what he wants for us to do. The answer came, that we should do phonecalls. For me it was surprise, because we didn’t had them very many and this remaining hour could be just wasted. So I didn’t expect that answer, but it came. It’s not our work, it’s God work, so we trusted him and we did what he want. The first call what we made, was for one potential investigator, who didn’t answered to our call past weeks. Neither we had hope for this time and as usually, she didn’t answered to our phonecall also this time. Usually I’m not calling people more then one time at the day, if answer doesn’t come; but this time the spirit forced me to do it again. And this time she took the phone! I thought that she is going to complain why we are keeping bothering her, but instead of doing that, she apologized for that and invited us to come over on the same night. Of course we used the opportunity and went there, despite the fact that we didn’t had very much time to teach the lesson. So we arrived there and she opened us the door. She apologized again and explained to us that she had lately challenge’s in her life and she don’t want to talk with other people. During our lessons we taught her about overcoming the trials and challenges, by trusting God and put the hope on him. She said, that this was exactly what she need now. We read together in the Book of Mormon, Alma 36:3, which says: “And now, O my son Helaman, behold, thou art in thy youth, and therefore, I beseech of thee that thou wilt hear my words and learn of me; for I do know that whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day”. She felt that it touched her heart and we felt spirit very strong in there. Even at the end of the lesson she said that we brought a light in her life with this visit and she even wanted us to give a hug but we explained that we can’t due the mission rules. 🙂 10 years ago I was in this situation when she is now, so I remember this time when missionaries taught me. Now it’s my turn to help others and help them to receive the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s very interesting dynamic for me. And now we see, how God directs us and our mission. Our mission president said that we need to pray to have guidance and apostle Ballard said that we need to act on it, we need to do whatever Holy Ghost prompting us to do. That was miracle. This experience taught to me that God help us to know, where we should do and who is the person, who needs us at this time. I never thought that the potential investigator who we met, will answer to us and need us right in this evening, in this time. She become from this visit investigator, who we pass along to Sister’s, because she lives now in different area, then the area we serve. In Tuesday and wednesday we had pretty many lessons, so they covered most of the day. Wednesday we had lesson with our new potential investigator, who we taught a message of restoration. He went to website a couple of days ago and requested a copy of Book of Mormon, so we met with him and he was agreed to listen our message, how we got this book, by teaching him Restoration. Interesting fact is that he might live in the same apartment building, where we live. The lesson with Jerry unfortunately did not happened, but we had an interesting lesson with one of our investigator’s home during the dinner appointment. The Hudson’s family showed us very old copy of Book of Mormon, where there’s even a Joseph Smith Jr. signature. This copy is very valuable and old. Unfortunately I left my camera at home, I wanted to make picture of it but I will take picture another time, whenever we have dinner appointment with them again. Also they showed us a very interesting book about Jesus Christ and his history. About the chronology at the last week when he crucified and start with the atonement. In the chronology is indicated the time and events very detailed. In this chronology is even the last hours and events before his soul left from the body, according what happened, in the right order. So this event was very impressive. Thursday we got an new investigator who we are going to teach! We are going to invite him baptized in the next lesson! He is living now in sisters area (which is sad cause we really like him to teach), but order that sisters can teach our investigator, they need get permission from bishop because of certain circumstances. We had lesson with member present, which is super cool. The member was long time inactive member in church and he shared a powerful testimony at the end of the lesson, how he become an active member. Our new investigator is from Africa and he lived in Canada already 15 years. His English is very good. By seeing how powerful was the member testimony in this lesson, I see again how merciful is God for us. The atonement of Jesus Christ can heal us even from very deep situation in life. Friday we had re-trainers meeting, where we all who came in the last transfer, gathered together again and shared what we learned from our mission so far. It has been month already, since we arrived to Canada Calgary mission, so it was fun to see again my group in unity. Saturday and Sunday we had stake conference. That was spiritually uplifting experience. I got to see my relative in this conference! Her parents are living in the Estonia and she said that we came from Toronto, where’s living about 10,000 Estonians. That was another miracle to talk with somebody who is speaking Estonian. So it was interesting experience in the end of the weekend. The stake conference weekend was very uplifting. I got inspired. We had this week 15 lessons with members and nonmembers. Our goal is to reach 20 lessons! It was pretty good week. I include some pictures as well. There’s one picture which is in mission home. As you see, I’m glued in this picture, because it was the day when everybody arrived to Canada Calgary mission, but I wasn’t in the same plane because I didn’t arrive straight from MTC, so I arrived much later and they took before that picture with my group in airport.​ IMG_0747.JPG ​​ IMG_0741.JPG ​​ IMG_0730.JPG ​​ IMG_0649.JPG ​​ IMG_0668.JPG ​​ IMG_0659.JPG ​​ IMG_0731.JPG ​​ IMG_0742.JPG ​​ IMG_0729.JPG ​​ IMG_0683.JPG ​​ IMG_0724.JPG ​​ IMG_0676.JPG ​​ IMG_0690.JPG ​​ IMG_0696.JPG ​​ IMG_0663.JPG ​​ IMG_0740.JPG ​​ IMG_0680.JPG ​​ IMG_0650.JPG ​​ IMG_0702.JPG ​​ IMG_0743.JPG ​