Week 12 in my mission

This week has been more different than others. I finished my first 12-weeks in this week and the second transfer was happening as well. In fact, nobody got transferred this time in our area. But we do have new sister in our area, because Sister Patterson left home past week. Or, my mom dead past week. That’s how we call our senior missionaries who are first for new missionaries, “mom” or “dad”, depends who is the senior missionary – elder or sister. As we call like that, elder Dolinar (my companion) is my dad and his trainer is my grandfather. As I write weekly letter/post today, I also would like to take some brief and think about past transfer. If somebody doesn’t know yet, how long is one transfer, then its 6 weeks. In every 6 months there will he possibility that somebody might get transferred to other area. In every 6 weeks there somebody will arrive and somebody leaves from mission. The last transfer which has been finished this past week, has gave me memories when I arrived to Canada Calgary mission. It helped me to know this area and get along with my mission companion, to know him and our district better and bringing us 3 new investigators. We made this transfer 2 new investigators with baptismal date. That was more than I expected! My goal 1 baptismal each transfer has been reached by last transfer. So it was good transfer. I feel that we did good job, even though, if we didn’t made any of those, we still would fssl successful because mission is not only about how many baptisms we have, but how much we do our very best and work hard. But its always good to see results like that! Past week was busy and went quickly. Monday morning we did service from our own time and will. We supposed to not do it in preparation day, but we did. Then we sent our weekly letter to everyone. In the evening we had supper at one member’s house, who was only 23! He had already family and children’s. He was married 6 weeks after his mission. That was something interesting for me to have dinner with young family! This week we had opportunity to meet again with our investigator Scott. He don’t believe what we teach, but he is always willing to meet us just because he is interested about our religion and he is thinking that restoration and plan of salvation are cool stories to listen. He is thinking that we are cool guys! We are continuing to meet him and who knows – maybe some day he is going to ask from God about what we taught him. Now he don’t even have desire to pray. By the way, he have Christian background. So he believes in God but just he don’t believe that answer may come thought prayers and lessons what we teach, are real. The last days of august was warm in here Canada, but after 1st September it went back to cold so now I have to start using my coat. In September 1st started school for everybody. Children’s were in Thursday everywhere, as well as yellow school busses, which we don’t have in Europe. Fall helps me cool down my summer stress, because fall remains me end of vacations and back to work mode. Usually before my mission I was getting in used to go beach in summer, which is not allowed to do in mission. Also this week we received one former investigator who we taught last transfer and who is not anymore progressing. She is not interested to meet us anymore. Her concern was getting to baptized because she didn’t want to do it, as her parents have different religion and she was influenced by that so strong so she didn’t change her mind. We currently have 5 investigators – 1 progressing investigator; 3 not progressing investigators and 1 former investigator. Friday we went to service in Bathany and Saturday we did service at less-actives and member’s house. We helped one of our less-actives to rebuild his roof and member house we helped work in garden. Also we celebrated Elder Reed’s and my last day being trainee in mission. We watched full district movie for two hours and ate lunch together. That was cool. Sunday we both with my companion enjoyed the day very much. Many cool things are happened. Primary children’s are draw us nice cards and we went to primary lesson to introduct ourselves to children. We showed them in globe, where we came from. It was short time but made us very happy. They are so cute! In Monday (yesterday) we went to Banff. It’s one of the nicest place in Alberta Canada. Our members took us there. It was all day long trip and we visited many nice places such as Banff national park, Lake Louise city and it’s beautiful lake – Lake Moraine. This lake is surrounded by amazing Alps in the middle of national park, where we enjoyed powerful view from top of the rock. I made a lot of good photo shoots of that, which some of them are in this letter/post. We hiked in Banff national park for hours. At the end of the day we went to Banff city and we spent there rest of the day. The city of Banff remains me fairytale. The streets and houses are very cosy and in the main street they have lot of shops, where they sell souvenirs, candy’s, clothes and other stuff. It’s a long street and entire of the street are covered by shops, hotels and restaurants. There’s one candy shop, which is very large and remains me kind of the stories of “Harry Potter” the candy store in Diagonally. There’s thousands of different candy’s are there. It makes me more sense why missionaries are not serving there now, because the city of Banff is basically the tourism city. Its not real city where people are just living, such a Airdrie. Also it might be very discouraging to do a missionary work there, since there’s lot of things to do in Banff. In Banff they have actually a LDS church but this is just branch and its very small. People who are living in Banff, they are not actually owned the house, but they have contract to live there for 100 years before they need to sell it to others, because the city of Banff is in the national park. To not own the house means they can’t build there anything or do other normal things what real owners can do. The other interesting thing about Banff was the crosswalk in the city. Once the cross light goes to green, you can cross the street in diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. Technically you can cross street in every corner you would like to. So the place where people can cross the street, was always in the place where streets are crossing with each other. The national park of Banff was really amazing. In the freeway both sides was wall so animals can’t run to the freeway. Very interesting for me was especially the bridges which was designated for animals, to cross the freeway. In the “animal” bridges was the ground same as in the forest and there was growing a real trees. That was interested and unique. About in every 20 km was one bridge like that. That was the all day long trip to Banff and Lake Louise. It was good alternative for a mission work. This is my week 12 in mission field.​ IMG_1093.JPG ​​ IMG_0997.JPG ​​ IMG_1008.JPG ​​ IMG_1062.JPG ​​ IMG_0908.JPG ​​ IMG_0926.JPG ​​ IMG_0870.JPG ​​ IMG_0863.JPG ​​ IMG_0831.JPG ​​ IMG_0873.JPG ​​ IMG_1067.JPG ​​ IMG_1026.JPG ​​ IMG_0853.JPG ​​ IMG_0843.JPG ​​ IMG_0862.JPG ​​ IMG_0993.JPG ​​ IMG_1059.JPG ​​ IMG_0984.JPG ​​ IMG_0893.JPG ​​ IMG_0866.JPG ​​ IMG_0920.JPG ​​ IMG_1057.JPG ​​ IMG_0830.JPG ​​ IMG_1061.JPG ​​ IMG_1058.JPG ​​ IMG_0992.JPG ​​ IMG_1031.JPG ​​ IMG_1060.JPG ​​ IMG_0932.JPG ​​ IMG_0864.JPG ​​ IMG_1011.JPG ​​ IMG_0891.JPG ​​ IMG_1050.JPG ​​ IMG_0987.JPG ​​ IMG_1028.JPG ​​ IMG_0865.JPG ​​ IMG_0900.JPG ​​ IMG_0894.JPG ​​ IMG_0952.JPG ​​ IMG_0964.JPG ​​ IMG_0929.JPG ​​ IMG_0924.JPG ​​ IMG_1004.JPG ​

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