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Bathany carnival and other exciting news in week 9

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    By Reinald
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    Mon Aug 15 2016

The week has been gone very fast. Then more time goes forward then more I realize that weeks are starting to go very fast, because then I feel that I’m more getting along to live with my companions. Elder Stringham said that his first two transfers went very slow, but after he getting in used to be in mission for while, the time started to go fast. I think that same is about me, because first week was really slow, I still had thoughts about home. By the time by time I’m starting less to think about the home and become more involved in mission life. This is my new home now for next two years! However, I’m thinking occasionally about my relatives and others who are at home, because I care about them. I just don’t let the thoughts to go too deep, I know that God will deal with them and this will give me a lot of hope. The new week started slowly. In preparation day we did not do anything except we wrote to our families and friends and later we played a little bit volleyball. We also had settled up a one appointment but it didn’t happened, because the potential investigator who we planned to teach, forget that we had appointment planned for that day, so she wasn’t at home. We had been a short period time a exchanges with zone leaders because my mission companion Elder Dolinar went with one of them to the mission office, which is in about 15 minutes far away to Calgary city by car drive. Unfortunately instead of 15 minutes drive it went to a hour before they arrived to their destination. There was a horrible traffic jam. So we wait them 3 hours at church, by doing nothing. They weren’t very satisfied about the adventure as well. In Tuesday I felt myself very motivated. For a long time I had a strong desire to go to knock on the doors and track in the neighborhood. All day was so good, because I felt that spirit was with us entire day. We had a good time with finding people because we prayed previous days about finding opportunities many times. Before we went to knocking, we asked from Lord where we should go. If the day wouldn’t end for us by 9pm, we had energy to do more. However, I felt myself tired at the end of the day. On this day we found a four potentials and from one of them we even received a phone number. We invited them to come to our sports night on Friday evening, but they didn’t. Wednesday we visited a one old man who’s wife past away lately (in January) and his is pretty depressed about. For me it was a second visit to him. Every time when I visit him so far, I feel myself difficult emotionally as well, because atmosphere in his home is pretty sad and lonely. He don’t have anymore no one who cook him a food and cleaning his house. Also he complains often a loneliness. We missionaries offered him help with these things but he hired a cleaner who is cleaning his home every week, so we just come over to sing a song and help morally. By doing simple things, we help him overcome with these feelings. The man who called Fred, is now 87-years old and his wife past away when she was 92-years old. The man said for me last time we visit him, that there’s no better place in the world to live then Canada. He was so sure about it. He born and arise in Germany and now he is living in Canada already 60 years – almost entire his life! In the evening we visited a one recent convert, brother Jerry. We talked with him all night about different topics, so the time went so fast. We arrived at home about 9:40pm and then we started quickly to plan a new day. Brother Jerry had a lot of different questions related the Prophets and our world today, about God and the plan for his children, what he created. Basically he had questions like why we have more then half of the people in the world who died by ever knowing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Also he had questions like why a small babies who just born, are pass away after they come to this earth, being already innocence from sins. Like questions why the life is so unfair. I answered for that, by reminding him about Jesus Christ, who gave his life for us, that we can have repentance and return to live with our Heavenly Father. How unfair it seems, that one innocence man must suffer all the pains and give the life, that all mankind can be saved and redeemed. Same unfair seems sometimes a death of baby, but then we think that just like God’s plan for us was related about sacrifice, is a soul behind this baby, who sacrificed about his parents, so they can humble themselves for God and return to live the eternal life with Heavenly Father. Those trials are makes us be humble and makes to think more about purpose of life. This is the way how it works is by going through trials, sometmes they are more difficult but then they give us better learning and growing opportunities, which is the part of the plan, what God created for us. I just want that you are thinking about that in this week and then share the thoughts with me about this topic. Thursday we had service with brother Perry’s home, by helping him moving the furniture in his living room, after that we received a service opportunity to other member home, where we helped with moving as well. So we had two service opportunities at one day. In the evening we shared a spiritual thought in a member house about trials and challenges, which describes in Alma 36:3 “And now, O my son Helaman, behold, thou art in thy youth, and therefore, I beseech of thee that thou wilt hear my words and learn of me; for I do know that whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day.” In Friday we had zone conference, near by Calgary city. There was three zone in the conference and our mission president conduct this meeting. It was a long meeting and last about three hours. Later in the evening we had a dinner with member in a canadian restaurant. There was a lot of food! I felt very tired at the end of the day. Saturday we woke up already at 6 o’clock in the morning, because we promised to fill the font at 7:30 for baptismal service which started at 10 o’clock. Fill the font took a 2,5 hours so we had to do it early. After baptismal service we went to Bethany’s carnival, where there was a different games, concert, picnic and interesting things. We did there a service about 4 hours, after what the zone leaders bring us the mail. I got some mail from Estonia and one letter from USA. I was surprised, because my mission companion Elder Dolinar parents and his sisters wrote to me a letter and that was so cool to read them! It was excited to get letters from someone who I didn’t know. They asked me different questions and wrote different things. It made my day! 😀 So this was the week. In Sunday we had a dinner with Luxtone bishop’s house. There was 3 families there. We got to share a spiritual message with all of them. This was my first time to teach a message in a large group. We took some cool pictures as well.​ IMG_0629.JPG ​​ IMG_0527.JPG ​​ IMG_0491.JPG ​​ IMG_0631.JPG ​​ IMG_0625.JPG ​​ IMG_0508.JPG ​​ IMG_0496.JPG ​​ IMG_0529.JPG ​​ IMG_0533.JPG ​​ IMG_0510.JPG ​​ IMG_0470.JPG ​​ IMG_0632.JPG ​​ IMG_0536.JPG ​​ IMG_0516.JPG ​​ IMG_0518.JPG ​​ IMG_0509.JPG ​​ IMG_0519.JPG ​​ IMG_0598.JPG ​​ IMG_0524.JPG ​​ IMG_0514.JPG ​​ IMG_0526.JPG ​​ IMG_0530.JPG ​​ IMG_0513.JPG ​​ IMG_0535.JPG ​​ IMG_0626.JPG ​​ IMG_0534.JPG ​​ IMG_0515.JPG ​​ IMG_0628.JPG ​​ IMG_0494.JPG ​​ IMG_0630.JPG ​​ IMG_0511.JPG ​​ IMG_0539.JPG ​​ IMG_0495.JPG ​